Minute Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

Master These Fast Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids

Time is something no parent ever has quite enough of, so we’re here to help you out with some speedy healthy lunch ideas for kids that are a breeze to make. Perfect for lunch boxes and meals on the go, these lunch ideas for healthy meals feature plenty of fruit and veg to keep things nutritious, but don’t worry we haven’t forgot the fun factor!

1. Veggie Spread Sarnies

This is a truly genius lunch idea to get little ones to eat a range of veggies. Simply blend red pepper, cucumber, peeled carrot, watercress, baby spinach, and red onion together in a food processor, then add a dollop of cream cheese and blend again, until smooth. Spread into brown bread sandwiches and complete this lunch with some cherry tomatoes, crackers and a Satsuma for a trio of healthy snacks.

2. Mighty Egg Muffins

These egg muffins only take five minutes to make (and 20 mins to bake) – but you’ll save yourself heaps of time by making a batch of these at the beginning of the week. Simply grease a muffin tray. Beat six eggs together. Add some spinach, feta cheese, olives and chopped dried tomato. Pour into the muffin tin. Bake for 20 mins on a medium heat. And hey presto – your little one will get a hit of iron and protein in one easy meal. The best thing about this lunch idea is that you can mix and match ingredients according to what your kid likes best. Broccoli and cheddar. Bacon and tomato. The choices are endless!

3. Nibble Sticks

For a time-poor morning forget the humble sandwich and instead pack your child’s lunch box with a pot of humus and some crunchy veg – celery, cucumber, carrot and blanched broccoli are great. Your little one will love dipping these in their humus for an easy eat. Add some breadsticks, a boiled egg and a date and cashew bar for some extra snacks too. This is a simple lunch idea that’s ideal for picky eaters!

4. Avocado wraps

There’s something about wraps that kids love. Maybe it’s the shape and the fact they’re easy to hold and eat – whatever it is, they’re a winner. One of our favourite healthy lunch ideas for kids is to pack a wrap with mashed avocado, a squirt of lemon juice, some sliced tomato, salad leaves and some cheddar cheese. Roll it to perfection and pop it in your child’s lunch bag.

5. Pesto Pasta Salad

Pesto pasta is so easy and simple to make – and tastes delicious when served cold too, making it ideal for your child’s lunch bag. For a veggie packed version, add some peas, chopped broccoli, green beans and shaved parmesan and serve in a little pot with a fork. Psst – did you know our Lunch Munch bags have a special compartment just for cutlery? Handy right?

6. Fruit or Salad Cup

If you’re feeling like you’re running out of lunch ideas, one simple lunch idea is to get a plastic cup and fill it with layers of salad. Start with some chopped cherry tomatoes, radishes, sweetcorn, grated carrot, avocado and cucumber slices and some leaves too. The more of a rainbow effect you can give your salad cup, the better! This idea works for fruit too – the key is to keep your colours different – it makes it so much more fun!

7. Vegetable Kebab

We already know you’re going to love this lunch idea! So easy to make, vegetable kebabs always go down well with kids because they’re cool to eat. Simply dice some chunks of cheese, tomato, avocado, cooked butternut squash and olives and spear them onto a small kebab stick. Your child will love sliding them off to eat – and they only take a moment to put together. It’s a win-win!

8. Rainbow Pinwheels

Finally – out of all these lunch ideas, here’s one that looks like it took all day but is actually only a five minute affair. We know how important it is for kids to eat a rainbow of fruit and veg each day and this pinwheel recipe is a doddle to put together. Simply get a tortilla wrap, spread with humus, add a sprinkle of purple and red cabbage, grated carrot, diced red and yellow pepper and spinach. Roll and slice to see beautiful colourful dials of yummy veg. Pretty to look at and seriously good for little ones.

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