Energy Boosting And Oh So Easy Lunch Ideas

Energy Packed, Easy Lunch Ideas That Are Perfect For Kids On The Go

Let’s be honest. All parents are on the look out for easy lunch ideas, but what about easy lunch ideas that are suitable for little ones who never stop? If your child has a social life that’s packed with after school activities, clubs, competitions and extra lessons then it helps to know that their lunch is up to scratch.

Children burn through energy even faster when they’re doing activities and exercise, so make sure you’re sending them to school with an energy boosting lunch bag. Fill it with healthy homemade snacks and foods to keep them topped up until home time.

These easy lunch ideas all feature energy-boosting elements that are nutritional and extra yummy! From protein packed yoghurt pots to slow release carbs, these balanced easy lunch ideas are just what you need.

1. Energy Ball Bites

Add a little extra oomph to your little one’s lunch with a no bake energy ball. This recipe is super simple and if your child likes getting hands on in the kitchen they’ll love making them as much as they’ll enjoy eating them.

To make them simply add a cup of oats, almond butter, a dash of honey, a cup of ground flaxseed, desiccated coconut and chia seeds and a dash of vanilla essence and mix. Then cover with cling film and put it in the fridge to chill for an hour, then roll the mixture into balls and keep in the fridge.

Packed with slow release energy from the oats and protein from the nut butter, these are one hearty homemade snack that can boost any lunch bag!

2. Avocado and Cheese Sandwiches

Avocado is full of heart-healthy fats and has nearly 20 vitamins and minerals that help to keep us in good shape. But avocados are also great because they keep us feeling fuller for longer. Kids won’t get hungry for ages once they’ve devoured an avocado and cheese sandwich for lunch. This is definitely one of our easy lunch ideas that doesn’t take long to master.

To make, simply add mashed avocado to a wholemeal sandwich (wholemeal bread releases energy more slowly) and add grated cheese. To make it even more nutrient rich, add some shaved carrot or slices of tomato. And there you have it – an energy boosting lunch.

3. Eggs away!

Easy lunch ideas don’t get much easier than the humble hard-boiled egg. Eggs are wonderfully versatile to cook with and they’re amazing for boosting your child’s energy too. They’re a fabulous source of vitamin B12 and of course – protein too which is essential for energy and healthy brain development. Add one to your child’s lunch as a snack or make an egg sandwich with some tomato and cress for a super nutritious lunch that will see them topped up with plenty of zoom.

4. Power Packed Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt really is the champion of yoghurts. It contains around half as much sugar as regular yoghurt and about twice as much protein. For a fun dessert that’ll see your child get the right nutrients, why not try this for an easy lunch snack idea? Make a homemade yoghurt pot by adding almond flakes, chia seeds, banana slices and a drizzle of honey or maple syrup to some full fat Greek yoghurt. Voila – a yummy pud that packs a protein-filled punch.

5. Hmmmm Hummus

Hummus is something of a magic food. It’s low in fat, low in calories and has lots of protein, fibre and healthy fats that make it an excellent snack food that will keep little ones from feeling hungry.

As an easy lunch idea why not add some breadsticks and a pot of hummus to your little one’s lunch bag? For extra vitamins and minerals, just add simple crudities like carrot batons or cucumber sticks.

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