What do we do?

What do we do?

Hello, we’re LUNCH MUNCH®! We make mealtimes fun.
At LUNCH MUNCH® we inspire parents with healthy packed lunch ideas while the MUNCH SQUAD® – our team of fruit and veg heroes encourage little ones to explore the food rainbow and discover their talents.
Our patented design-led LUNCH MUNCH® bags are available in each character and can be made bigger or smaller, so they’re perfect for active days. Plus they’re packed with handy features to make life easier for grownups and little ones.

Why our products?

Why our products?

Our kids LUNCH MUNCH® bags are unique. They can be made bigger or smaller depending on how much food your child needs to carry that day. Perfect for little ones who live life large – our lunch bags for kids are big enough to hold more than one meal for days with after school clubs or fun days out. Insulated to hold warm meals and plenty of space for a bottle of water, a comfy carry strap and a pocket for wet wipes, our lunch bags are designed to be super practical while making lunch times fun with our friendly MUNCH SQUAD® characters.

What does<br>"Eat the Rainbow"<br>mean?

What does
“Eat the Rainbow”

Children need to eat a fruit and veg rainbow to stay healthy and get all the nutrients they need. It’s not just about eating their greens. Kids need their reds, purples, yellows, bluesand oranges too! At LUNCH MUNCH® we help parents with fun and healthy packed lunch ideas that span the nutritional rainbow. Each colour contains different nutrients that are vital for good health. Our kids lunch bags come in all seven colours of the rainbow and each colour is represented by a different member of the MUNCH SQUAD®. With LUNCH MUNCH®, mealtimes can be fun, tasty and full of goodness.