Our personality test for kids matches you with one of the heroic Munch Squad. Discover which character you’re most like by answering five simple questions. This personality test for kids is fun, quick and simple and has tons of ideas for how you can pack your school lunch bag to match your personality.

Take the Munch Squad personality test for kids now!

How would your friends describe you?

How do you like to spend your free time?

What’s your favourite colour?

If you could have any magic power what would it be?

Which of these things really gets on your nerves?

The Munch Squad® Personality Test For Kids THE RESULTS!

You’re Wendy The Watermelon – The Dancer

Like Wendy The Watermelon, you love to party, dance and spin and know how to have a good time. You love nothing more than having fun and making people smile. Always happy and active you’re never still for long. You’re a bit of a fidget but everybody loves you for it!


You sure do use a lot of energy and no doubt go to plenty of after school clubes, so make sure you eat a good breakfast to see you through the day. A warm bowl of porridge with some honey and chopped strawberries should set you up until lunchtime.Don’t forget to make sure your lunch bag is packed with yummy foods like wholemeal crackers, grapes and cheese sticks to keep your body fuelled for your next dance off!

You’re Archie The Aubergine – The Artist

You’re most like Archie The Aubergine. Artistic and creative you’re forever doodling and coming up with ideas for cool things you can make with your hands. Whether it’s play dough, your paints or your felt tip pens, your clothes often have arty smudges on them, but you don’t mind. Your friends all wish they could draw as well as you.


When you’re focused on an art project you can forget to eat. Keep a healthy snack on hand in your lunch bag so you don’t run out of energy. What about a taking a box of raisins or a delicious banana to school in your packed lunch? They’re full of vitamins that could help your brain come up with your next masterpiece!

You’re Ali The Apple – The Scientist

Super intelligent and determined, you’re most like Ali The Apple. You love using your brain to solve tricky questions and enjoy finding out about how stuff works. Experimenting and discovering new information is your idea of fun. You’re hardworking and sometimes a little serious, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know how to laugh. Your friends love your quirky sense of humour!


You’re a thinker, which means you need to eat the right foods at lunch time to power up your brain. Try eating an avocado or having some avocado in a sandwich or salad in your lunch box or lunch bag. They keep your brain functioning at max power.

You’re Lou the Lime – The Athlete

Hey you – hold on for just one second. You’re most like Lou The Lime – which means you prefer running to reading. Sporty might as well be your middle name. It doesn’t matter whether you’re into football, gymnastics or swimming, you love using your body and challenging yourself to a new personal best. You love a bit of competition and are always making your friends laugh out loud with your jokes.


You never seem to get tired do you? But it’s important to eat energy rich foods to keep your body healthy. Because you’re super active try and have carbohydrates at mealtimes – pasta dishes or jacket potatoes make a healthy and delicious lunch and can be enjoyed cold too. If you have after school sports to do, don’t forget to keep an extra bottle of water in your lunch bag so you don’t get thirsty.

You’re Paula The Pumpkin – The Chef

You’re creative, practical and enjoy taking care of people. That means you’re just like Paula The Pumpkin. You love surprising your friends and family with yummy treats and whenever you can, you love getting messy in the kitchen making meals and cooking with a grownup. You’re curious and brave and don’t mind trying new things – whether it’s a new activity or a new vegetable. You see life as an adventure.


Stay adventurous and challenge yourself to try new fruits and veg each lunch time. Exotic fruits like starfruit, lychees and papaya are a bit different and packed full of vitamins. And who knows? They might just inspire you to create a brand new recipe! Your lunch bag is always full of yummy treats but make sure its full of healthy ones too. Dried dates and apricots make a sweet and scrummy munch time snack.

You’re Bill The Blueberry – The Detective

You’re the one that somehow manages to know everything – just like Bill The Blueberry. You love playing detective and investigating. That’s because it really bugs you when something doesn’t make sense. You’re super determined and hate giving up. You impress your friends with the clever way you think about stuff – it’s always a bit different.


Keep your brain at its best so you can solve any problem by eating superfoods like blueberries and nut butters. For lunch time, try almond butter – it’s totally tasty on crackers or in sandwiches and helps keep your brain and body in great shape. Keep your lunch bag full of brain boosting berries to snack on too – raspberries, blueberries and blackberries are totally fruit-tastic!

You’re Penelope The Passionfruit – The Singer

Life would be pretty dull without you. You’re bright and sweet and loud – just like Penelope The Passionfruit. Singing makes you smile, you just can’t help yourself from singing along or humming a tune. It seems like you’re always in a good mood, but you do have a quieter side too, it’s just not many people get to see it. You’re a passionate pal and super loyal. Everyone needs a friend like you!


Look after your voice with cooling foods like cucumber sticks or watermelon chunks – try including them when you’re preparing your lunch bag for school. Because they’re high in water they can make your mouth and throat feel lovely and soothed. For a chatterbox like you, a perfect snack to keep in your lunch bag would be slices of juicy Cantaloupe melon. Yummy!